Gift Cards  and

Gift Certificates

All Gift card and Gift certificates are enclosed in pillow boxes and then placed in our lovely Gift bag with tissue and bows for a completely beautiful presentation.

Gift cards and Certificates may

be purchased for any dollar amount

and are always The Perfect Gift.

They may be used for any services or products the guest may desire

They are non-refundable

and valid until used.

Advanced Skin

Our years of experience and the devoted desire to give you the best results places us ahead of most others. Come experience it today. 



Reacquaint yourself with an old friend or discover a new favorite  with our array of featured services administered by our experienced  and advanced staff. 

Body Massage

Swedish, Aromatherapy, Sports/Clinical or Hot Stone Massage.......your choice!


Enjoy the benefits of all natural wax with Essential Oils & Vitamin E.

Professional Products 

 We offer only the best in skin care products. Finding a good product 

can quite literally be life-changing. As your skin starts to look plumper, clearer, and more vibrant—you feel the difference.

Atlanta's Premier Boutique

for Beautiful Skin, Massage Therapy

and Superior Waxing!

Advanced Skin Care 

Over 15 professional Advanced Skin Care services to chose from facials, peels to Mircrodermabrasion.

Skin Renaissance 

The Perfect Gift 


Under our roof, massage cohabitates quite comf​ortably with everything from Microdermabrasion to  Skin Peels, Waxing and more.   Book today to experience the best. 

Skin, Massage & More

Need a skin boost to look more youthful or add a glow. Or, how about a waxing to remove that unwanted hair. Or, is it time to relax. You found the right place.

Go online and book today.

Relax. Rejuvenate.